Photos by Myron Edwards.

Hi’ am a Portrait Photographer Who Begin His Journey in The Early Part of 2016 Back In March as just a Man with a Camera Then Later In The Season I Begin to Notice That I Love Taking Portraiture and Not Only Did I Enjoy it but i wanted to develop my skills to go main stream with my work so i studied and studied until i learned the techniques and what it to to master them. So Women Like The Famous Annie Leibovitz Inspired my creative side while other photographers like Patrick Demarchelier Inspired me to want to see past just the art side of photography but to gaze into the beauty of it. Then There is My Faves Such as The Most Iconic Amanda Diaz Her Story is Just amazing and her talents are superior and if i were to have someone Photograph me it would definately be her

The type of photography that inspires me is romantic and dreamy, almost pre-raphaelite. I admire all the different beauty in people and love sharing that with others in my photos.

Many photographers pride themselves on their technical ability but I rely on my creativity and the valuable people that contribute to my ideas. The whole process from start to finish truly excites me.

Photography is my passion and always will be a part of me and what I do in my life.

Sean Archer’ well lets just say his work is tasteful and most definately an eye catcher and you can tell his work by his success and here is why!!!

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Myron Edwards


Portrait by Myron Edwards

Portrait by Myron Edwards