Clvvssy18 by Clvss & Fvshion

Welcome To The Brand New Edition Of The Clvvssy18

The Clvvssy is made up of 18 People Ranging From Elementary to High School


The Clvvssy 18 is a brand new edition I'm offering to parents and guardians who would like to give Thier loved ones the opportunity to participate in something beautiful and wonderful. We'll be learning everything from poses to operating a camera. And every member of the clvvssy club will have Thier opportunity to be featured in the clvvssy magazine.

As a Photographer I have finally been able able to create and give back to a community that has Givin me so much to be thankful for. More details to come if you so choose to be a part of this amazing quest

Frication by Clvss & Fvshion


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Velar Aspirations by Clvss & Fvshion

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